Wednesday, April 11, 2012

March 2012's Holiday part 2

This is my favourite cake ever!! I really love chesse cake!!

And this is my first time try Red Velvet Cake..
And i really love it too, but i prefer to ea chesse cake than red velvet cake *hehehe*


By the way, that's my new shoes that i've got from bershka in Jakarta
I really love that shoes, because that shoes simple but really elegant and very nice

Lace cropped top - unbranded
Belt - unbranded
Long Pants - unbranded
Shoes - Bershka

From The left to right:
Me - Randy (My Cousin) - Rani (My Cousin) - 
Alyn (My Sister's Daughter) - Maria Yesica (My Sister) - Gary (My Sister's Housband)

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