Thursday, April 5, 2012

March 2012's Holiday part 1

 As you know from my post before, I spend my holiday in Jakarta
( Sorry cause i don't take any picture in the first day in jakarta, so this is a second day in Jakarta )


On Sunday, In Jakarta, The road About 10 kilometers is closed,
Cars can't pass that road until 12 PM,
So, Me and My parents took decision to walk around there 

It's really fun to walk along the road

This is the My favourite Pasta's restaurant in Jakarta
They have delicious salad too *Yummy*

And The Desert is *Drum roll*

Yes!! Ice cream!! It's my favourite desert after cream brulee and chessecake

So this is my outfit that i wore on the second day
There're so many of  lovely accessories, shoes, etc

Finally i found this JC's Lita shoes but there's no right size for me
I really disappointed because of it

And this red shoes i bought it from Picnic, really love that new shoes

Top - Unbranded
Asymm Skirt - Bounty
Flat Shoes - HK's Ladies Market
Red Clog - Picnic


  1. Wow I love your blog!
    x Judith