Friday, September 21, 2012

l' etonnante....

 Took some pictures in Singapore with David Reynold and his friends about 3 motnhs ago..
I really love every picture that he took!! Nice isn't it??
And I'm wearing blue polka dress that i got from japan a year ago and red hat from my sister
*By the way,sorry for super super late posting cause......  *scroll down*  :D

Right now, I'm still focus on my High school ,3rd grade of course because this is the end of the high school.. 
And , I' am really confused with what major that i'll take for next year..
Is it gonna be fashion bussiness or bussiness management??
Have you heard about Instituto Marangoni in London for fashion bussiness major?
Please tell me, if you know some information about that university :D

Hat - My sister's gift from Japan
Dress -  Japan's unbranded store
Necklace - On the rocks
Shoes - Handmade

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