Saturday, March 17, 2012

Bustier And Asymmetrical

I took this picture after went to My Friend's Sweet 17th Bithday Party 

 Asymmetrical Skirt is a trending topic right now 
I see so many people wearing an asymmetrical skirt

And I love the asymm skirt , it looks really cute and gorgeous 
What do you think, do you love the asymm skirt/dress too??

Bustier Top - Unbranded
Asymmetrical Skirt in Peach - Chocochips
Necklace - Unbranded
Black Clutch - Ananas
Shoes - Depeche store


  1. Hi Maria! Hi Surabaya! seems like ciworld have sooo good place to take some shots. followed you :)

  2. looking so cute love your skirt

  3. super love your skirt ci ♥
    and also love the heels.
    i'm your new followers,super love your blog
    mind to follow back?